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  • Qi Wireless charging

    Qi wireless charging pad and mobile phone

    As we become ever more reliable on mobile devices, charging has become a chore Having constant access to the digital world means we need constant power. Even the most organised among us have forgotten the key element of this continuous cycle – plugging in to charge. Electricity is generated by various methods, delivered to our […]

  • Bathroom technology promotion

    Bathroom television

    Today sees the launch of our bathroom technology promotion, offering these excellent additions to any bathroom, supplied and fitted for free, subject to minimum spend levels. Any bathroom / cloakroom / en-suite quotes arranged between today (Friday 26th May) and Friday 30th June 2017 will qualify for the special offer if the quote is accepted […]

  • Boiling Water Taps

    Boiling Water Taps With boiling water taps popularity growing each year, the team at Create Kitchen Studio in Glasgow has a great deal of experience installing a few different kinds. Whilst the end result among the various manufacturers is the same, for example instant boiling water for preparing vegetables, making a cup of tea or filling a pot ready for cooking […]

  • Kitchen Trends for 2016

    Kitchen Trends Kitchen trends for 2016 are starting to show now that everybody has recovered from the festive period. The most used room in any home is the kitchen and 2016 will see this gathering place remain steadfastly at the heart of the home and the family.  Using the space for everything from kids homework, […]

  • The Future – Kitchens and Bathrooms News February 2016

    Kenneth’s article on “The Future” in the latest edition of Kitchens and Bathrooms News  (February 2016) Kenneth Thom of Create Homes: “Fast forward 35 years and will the industry change at all?” As the media examined what parts of Marty and the Docs future predictions came true, (reference Back to The Future movie as if […]