As we become ever more reliable on mobile devices, charging has become a chore

Having constant access to the digital world means we need constant power. Even the most organised among us have forgotten the key element of this continuous cycle – plugging in to charge.

Electricity is generated by various methods, delivered to our home and sent to various points around the house. Electronics firms provide us with all the gadgets and gizmos to make life easy, keep us connected and generally making sure modern life is running smoothly. Then it’s our turn – us mere mortals have the easiest part in the process: connect gadget to power.

We need to remember the phone needs charged, we need to make sure the correct cable is there AND we need to plug the phone in – maybe we need a little more help? All the best inventions make simple tasks even more simple. Until the invention of the ever-lasting battery, how about wireless charging?

All we need to do is leave the gadget in the correct place and hey-presto it’s charging – simple!

Qi wireless charging pad and mobile phone
No cables and suitable for multiple devices

To make sure it works you need two things

  • A stand, or charging point that is designed to fit into a flat surface (instead of a socket it’s normally a circular pad with connectors for the mains electricity)
  • A Qi enabled gadget (Qi is the global standard for wireless charging)
    • Some companies have produced cases for older gadgets to make them Qi enabled


Convenience is everything for technology companies, for a start you don’t need a different cable for each gadget, and many more Qi enabled devices are going to appear in the coming months. It’s something worth considering. especially if, like me, you put your phone and keys on the same piece of kitchen worktop every time you get home.

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