No need to suffer that cold blast of water when you turn your shower on!

The introduction of digital showers is another advance in the varied world of bathroom products. The ability to accurately control water flow and temperature means every user of a digital shower can gain maximum comfort for them, without spending the first minute fiddling with the controls.

wet room using digital showerAqualisa digital shower controller


A wall mounted control box sends signals to either a mixer valve or electric shower unit which then deals with getting the right amount of water to the shower head, at the correct temperature. This is all done before you step into the shower, so you know the shower is ready when you are. Some models will turn the shower on to heat the water and then pause the flow of water to let you know it’s time to jump in!


Triton digital electric shower

If you’re looking for even more convenience, it’s possible to have a shower with a remote control or even connected to a mobile phone app via Bluetooth – now you can turn the shower on before you get out of bed and set the shower to turn off after a set amount of time, perfect if sharing a bathroom is a source of arguments in your home!

Mira bluetooth digital shower


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