Since Thomas Edison brought the light bulb to the world at the end of the 19th century, not much changed until recently. The introduction of Halogen and low energy LED lamps has changed how we see the world.

Sensio LED controller phone app
Control your lights via your mobile phone

Sensio now offer a controller to allow some of their lighting products to be controlled via iPhone and iPad apps. The controller simply connects into the driver that is already used for the lights and then connects to the Sensio Multi Light app (available to download from the Apple store).

Once set up, separate lighting areas can be created, the lights can be switched on and off, colour changing lighting can be controlled and even made to change depending on what music you are listening to.

You don’t have to be own an Apple product to make use of colour changing lights, there are also items in the range which can be operated from the Sensio remote control.

Kitchen lighting Purple LED

Sensio LED colour changing strips     

Please contact us for more information on the Sensio range or if you wish to purchase any of their products.

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