A freestanding bath is the ultimate design feature that will transform a standard bathroom into a luxurious and stylish space.  If your desire is to create a place to relax and unwind, somewhere to soak in a deep bath and forget the worries of the day, and is also a stunning centrepiece, then a freestanding bath does it all!

The choice seems endless, from classic roll top with claw feet, timeless slipper bath or the many modern and elegant designs now available, there is no lack of choice.

Modern freestanding bath from Bette

Another benefit of having a freestanding bath tub is that you can position your bath anywhere in the room.  Quite literally, a freestanding bath tub can be plumbed in anywhere where a water feed can come up through the floor, wall or even ceiling!  A freestanding bath tub is hugely versatile and can be a stunning addition to any area in your home.  Interestingly, there has been a rapid resurgence in popularity of freestanding bath tubs located in bedrooms.  This is popular among many of the world’s greatest Five Star hotels.  And, with a bit of design flair, you too can have your own freestanding bath tub in your bedroom.

It’s not just spacious bathrooms that can benefit from a freestanding bath. There are a wide range of sizes and shapes and they look just as fantastic in an average sized bathroom!

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