During my most recent visit to KBB in Birmingham (London Fashion Week for the kitchen and bathroom industry), what was plainly evident was that we are about to witness something of a revelation in bathroom and kitchen technology within the next few months.  Technology will start to play a bigger part in our everyday lives and this will be a key trend in the kitchen and bathroom industry in the near future.

Use your phone to control the lights!
Use your phone to control the lights via Bluetooth!

New technology on show included:

Lighting by SENSIO with bluetooth connectivity to allow you to control the mood lighting from your phone.

Mood lighting is used to add dimension and depth to the room, is generally soft and is used to bring a sense of harmony to any room.  The most overlooked but probably the most important aspect of any bathroom and kitchen design is the consideration of lighting and where it is placed.  These are just some of the areas which should be considered:


Above wall units

Inside glass fronted wall units

External shelf lighting

Under worktop lighting for a handleless kitchen

Underfloor heating by WARMUP,  featuring Active energy management systems designed to reduce your energy bill.

Digital printing on tiles by British Ceramic Tiles, allowing any image to be put onto tiles.

Toilets by TOTO which feature warm water self cleaning features, to improve hygiene and reduce the housework! Orginally launched in the 1980’s in Japan, well known for technology of all kinds.

However, the most intriguing and perhaps innovative technology on display was at the ArtiCAD’s stand where they showcased a 4D virtual reality showroom.  By putting on a pair of space-age googles, the user was able to virtually walk around their own house and see the virtual reality of what their bathroom or kitchen design might look like – all good fun until one of the audience volunteers walked through a virtual reality door – which was a normal reality wall!

Who knows what will be on offer at the next KBB Birmingham in 2018…

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