According to the news source for the wine and spirit trade, Harpers, wine is the UK’s favourite drink.  Apparently there are more than 30 million regular consumers in the UK.

So it is of little surprise that wine fridges have grown so much in popularity.  It used to be solely for the connoisseur but now everyone wants to have a wine fridge.

We are often asked what are the best wine fridges on the market.  I have listed my top five currently on the market. Whether you opt for the ever popular undercounter model or cabinets able to store up to 80 bottles, the specification and price between models can vary hugely.

My tips to ensuring your wine fridge operates as effectively as it should would include ensuring they are kept clear of heat sources.  To ensure the quality of the wine is not compromised, avoid direct natural sunlight.

A wine cooler is an aspirational product that looks great and portrays an image of sophistication in your life – who wouldn’t want to drink to that!

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